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Save 20% with Code "summer20 "

How to Pick The Right Embroidery Thread?

To pick the right embroidery thread, you have to pick your thread weight first! This measurement works differently than you probably assume. The bigger the thread-weight number – the thinner and finer the thread. On the other hand, a low thread-weigh number represents a heavy, thick embroidery thread.

A sewing thread has a 50 wt. while an embroidery thread has a 40 wt. – it is finner. A thread with a 30 wt. is common as well. Almost every digital machine embroidery designs are set up for 40 wt. threads.

An 80 wt. or 100 wt. thread is great for heirloom embroidery, 30 wt. thread is excellent for redwork, and blanket stitching with a 12 wt. thread will provide excellent, almost like hand stitching results. Amazing!