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Want to keep lines tidy? Just use Simthread Spool Huggers

Want to keep lines tidy? Just use Simthread Spool Huggers

What are Spool Huggers for?


As a crafter or seamstress, you know how frustrating it can be when your spools are tangled and messy. Not only does it slow down your work, but it also wastes time and energy while you're trying to sort out the mess. That's where Spool Huggers come in - these handy tools are designed to keep your spools tidy, even after use.Simthread Embroidery Thread Holder

Why choose the Simthread brand

Simthread is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality thread and sewing supplies to crafters and seamstresses around the world. With a wide range of products including embroidery thread, sewing thread and accessories, Simthread Embroidery Thread Supplier is a one stop shop for all your sewing needs.Simthread Embroidery Thread Holder

Advantages of Spool Hugger

One of their latest innovative products is the Spool Hugger. These small silicone caps fit snugly over the end of the spool, holding the line in place and preventing it from unraveling or tangling. They're easy to use - just slide them over the end of the spool and you're ready to go.

Spool Huggers are available in a variety of colors and make it easy to organize your thread collection. You can match the color to your thread, or use different colors to represent different types of thread—for example, blue for embroidery thread and red for sewing thread.Simthread Embroidery Thread Holder

Why You Must Use Spool Huggers

But the benefits of Simthread Spool Huggers go beyond keeping your threads tidy. They also help prevent the cord from tangling or knotting, extending the life of the cord. This means you'll waste less threads and save money in the long run.

So if you're tired of dealing with messy, tangled spools, it's time to try Simthread Spool Huggers. They are affordable and effective solutions to common problems, and they will make your sewing and crafting experience more enjoyable.

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